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Massimo Callegari
travis: build qmlui on bionic
Massimo Callegari
travis: another try for xvfb
Massimo Callegari
engine: fix nested template usage
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: begin definition editor save state and instructions
Massimo Callegari
travis: add mesa package to bionic
Massimo Callegari
travis: fix scripts execution
Massimo Callegari
plugins/dmxusb: always show the detected libftdi1 version
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: do not use system reserved variables
Apparently Windows has a global 'interface' around...
Massimo Callegari
travis: fix xenial usage
Edgar Aichinger
Merge branch 'ftdi1-handle-deprecated' of https://github.com/edogawa23/qlcplus into ftdi1-handle-deprecated
Massimo Callegari
engine: add a flag to keep track of user made definitions
Edgar Aichinger
Revert "Merge pull request #1254 from mmmorris1975/midi_feedback_fix"
This reverts commit 73f94610bcb1ee06f1b69ebdef234809d5a8062b, reversing
changes made to 89a7c94bf25de682169b5f9268e9bcd95ada8fb1.
Massimo Callegari
travis: use a prepare script
Edgar Aichinger
remove wrong error condition
Display Xmas trees and Xmas stars on an RGB matrix (#1261)
* Implement Xmas script edition
snow.js implements falling snow in different z levels
xmastrees.js implements trees moving through the panel
xmasstars.js implements stars moving through the panel
fireworks.js implements rockets starting and moving on as a sparkling ball

* Add robustness to color calculation method.

* Add Windchill and reverse (bubble) mode.

* Extract snow to snow and bubbles branch.

* Extract fireworks.js to separate mergable branch.

* Merge xmasstars.js and xmastrees.js into flyingObjects.js

The drawing function set can now be extended with more patterns.

* Fix algo selection and display typo.

* Save width and height and recover matrix canvas on reload.

* Implement snowman (made of 2 balls).

* Implement UFOs and register the script in the build files.

Additionally, cleanup options and variable names.
Ensure the objects are initialized with a minimum speed.

* Persist selected colors in browser local storage

* Save and evaluate the color values as a string.

* Change the snowman perspective (shadow) from high angle to side view

* Add "Bells" (derived from trees, with a rounder, bell-like shape).
Improve shading on Xmas trees.
Set steps number to a fixed value.
Add robustness to the RGB calculation functions.

* Lowercase for file name.

* Implement ventilator function as a prototype for circular patterns
Prepare snowflake.

* Persist tornado effect while trying to find math for snowflake.

* use let keyword for local variable declarations

* Save a little space by placing the buttons in a row.

* Reorganize and add diamonds, rings, steering wheels and flowers
on the way to implement snowflakes and improved stars:
- Persist related math-based objects: diamonds, rings, steering wheels and flowers
- Centralize the growing list of object-specific code to improve maintainability.
- Improve script by centralizing commonly and repeatedly used Math.PI references
- Order the script blocks and script sections

* Add triangle function and prepare square and pentagon.
These preparational work is necessary to make up a base for the star (and maybe the snowflake).

* Add and finalize triangle, square, , pentagon and hexagon.

* Refactor geometric code and continue work on star.

* While going on, add related heart algo and prepare for mask algo.

* Eyes ans mask eyes added.

* Finalize star.

* Snowflake finally looks usable.

* Refactor scaling of bell

* Implement bell cache to optimize calculation

* Optimize eyeAlgo with a precalc cache.

* Optimize flowerAlgo and pre-cache static calculations.

* Optimize heartAlgo with pre-calculated values.

* Optimize maskAlgo with precalc cache

* Optimize ringAlgo to show better intensity profile.
Add disk and circle.

* Add another ball in the snowman and optimize through precalc cache

* Optimize startAlgo with precalc cache

* Optimize Steeringwheel

* Optimize tornadoAlgo

* Add candle and optimize globally.

* Animate bell and optimize.

* Fix snowflake optimization.
Edgar Aichinger
simplify libftdi 1.5 detection, rename variable
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: do channel editing with QLCChannel
Massimo Callegari
resources: 7 new fixtures (see changelog)
Edgar Aichinger
also revert comment regarding flush method
Massimo Callegari
Merge pull request #1254 from mmmorris1975/midi_feedback_fix
Account for channel value modifed with VC widget page value when using MIDI feedback for OMNI channel.
Massimo Callegari
windows: add styles to deployment
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: more toolbar color definitions
Massimo Callegari
webaccess: add -wp option to set a specific port
Massimo Callegari
Update changelog
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: move focus away from controls to apply displayed value
Massimo Callegari
travis: fix xvfb service start
Massimo Callegari
Merge pull request #1273 from edogawa23/ftdi1-handle-deprecated
deal with new flush API for buffers in recent libftdi1 1.5
Massimo Callegari
travis: move xvfb start as it was before
Massimo Callegari
macos: update create-dmg tool
With support for macOS 10.15
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: show user-made definitions in fixture browser
Edgar Aichinger
add (and test for) libftdi version check
Edgar Aichinger
deal with new flush API for buffers for recent libftdi1
Massimo Callegari
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:mcallegari/qlcplus
Edgar Aichinger
don't rename the function to reflect flush/purge methods, much simpler patch
Mike Morris
Account for channel value modifed with VC widget page value when using MIDI feedback for OMNI channel.
VC frame pages encode their value in the channel value sent to the plugin, when using the MIDI OMNI
channel, this gets embedded in the bits which define the MIDI channel to send a feedback message on.
Take off the embedded page data to get the correct MIDI channel for sending feedback.

Add some simple test cases to validate the change.
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: make scrollbar more recognizable
Mike Morris
fix failing tests for older Qt5 lib
Massimo Callegari
travis: use a single script for env and build
Massimo Callegari
travis: add xvfb to bionic
Massimo Callegari
qmlui: more Qt 5.15 deprecations